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TFC全称为Taihu Forum for Chinese Customs(太湖.中国海关事务论坛),由精英关务论坛(www.56customs.com)与一诺关务咨询主要发起创办。 致力于中国的海关事务分享、交流与传播,搭建企业与海关沟通的桥梁,TFC会员近百家,VIP会员尊享更多服务。

TFC forum, the whole name is Taihu Forum for Chinese Customs, was found by Elite Customs Forum and Enuo consulting together, TFC committed to China's Customs affairs knowledge sharing, discussion and extending,  and build a bridge between enterprises and Customs communication, current about 100 TFC members enjoy the excellent services.

VIP会员尊享服务 VIP service

l  年度峰会尊享2个免费名额

  Annual Forum 2 free tickets.

l  精品公开课,4次免费,低至5-7.5

 Excellent Opening course with 2 free tickets

l   月度精品沙龙,6次免费  

 6 free tickets of knowledge Salon

l  关务问题免费邮件和电话答疑    

Free  consulting by phone or mail

l  会员专项户外学习活动  

 Enjoy the TFC members team building 

计入TFC VIP会员,享受精品关务服务

详细联络:客服人员 [email protected]

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